Abstract: Background: For pathological gambling (PG) a 12 month prevalence rate of up to 0.66% has been reported. Multiple financial, occupational and relationship problems and losses, humiliation of the person and the environment are possible side effects and may lead to hopelessness, suicidal ideation and behaviour. Suicide attempt rates among pathological gamblers of between 4 and 40% and suicidal ideation of between 12 and 92% have been reported.Aim: This study aims at assessing the prevalence of suicide attempts in PG and at elucidating differences between the patients with and without suicide attempt history (SAH) in a large nationwide Austrian sample.Methods: Between 2002 and 2011 the Austrian Society for the Research of Non-Substance Related Addiction collected 862 questionnaires of pathological gamblers undergoing outpatient and inpatient treatment for pathological gambling in Austria.Results: 1) Of all pathological gamblers 9.7% had a suicide attempt history

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