Abstract: Skilled clinical decision making in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain can create unique clinical and ethical challenges, particularly when opioid medications are involved. This report presents the case of a pregnant woman who sought treatment for an illicit opioid dependence, initiated by opioid analgesic treatment of chronic pain. While recognizing opioids’ high level of effectiveness for pain relief, the case demonstrates the potential harms of opioid medications for particular patients

Source: General Hospital Psychiatry

Abstract: Objective: A growing number of health information technologies (HIT) are being developed and tested to address mental health conditions. HIT includes Internet and smartphone programs or apps, text messaging protocols and telepsychiatry. We reviewed the promise and evidence that HIT can expand access to mental health care and reduce disparities in use of services across groups in need.Conclusions: Limited reach of mental health services is a pervasive problem in the United States, and solving it will require innovations that enable us to extend our clinical reach into underserved populations without significantly expanding our workforce.

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