Micropharmacology: Treating Disturbances of Mood, Thought, and Behavior as Specific Neurotransmitter Dysregulations Rather Than as Clinical Syndromes

Andrew Edmund Slaby, MD, PhD, MPH

Laurence R. Tancredi, MD, JD


Dr. Slaby is clinical professor of psychiatry at New York University and New York Medical College, both in New York City.

Dr. Tancredi is clinical professor of psychiatry at New York University.

Acknowledgments: The authors report no financial, academic, or other support of this work.



Discovery in the mid-1950s that chlorpromazine alters the thinking of psychotic patients and that tricyclic antidepressants and monoamine oxidase inhibitors impact mood has resulted, in the ensuing decades, in a paradigm shift in our perception of how the human brain functions. Read >